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Being a bit of a perfectionist allows me to honestly say that no bag leaves this building without an inspection of the quality of that make. We want you to be as excited about carrying your gift as we have been making it. 

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A little Behind the Scenes...

Follow us on Social Media to see all of the BTS footage. We go live on TikTok every Monday evening making a bag. Maybe we will be making your next favorite.

Small Business with an Nerdy Owner...


YIMI was Founded!

We started by crocheting baby shower and other gifts for family and friends. We were constantly asked "Did you make this?" Thus the name of the company.


YIMI was Incorporated

Deciding to take this from a hobby to a full fledged business, we incorporated in 2017.


Global Shipment

We shipped our first gift overseas! Someone in Germany was able to get a crocheted doll to love!

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