Welcome to my crafty corner of Missy Elliott’s Internet! My name is Tanisha and I am known as the Lefty Lioness.  I am a left handed crafter of all types.  I know! I know! I know! I should specialize in one craft and focus solely on it.  The problem is that my brain isn’t wired that way.  I love all of the crafts! I can say that I haven’t met a craft that I didn’t love just yet.  Are there items that I would prefer never to make again? Absolutely! Here’s looking at you, uncompleted crochet blanket from three years ago.

So what do you need to know? What do you want to know? You have my name and that I am left handed.  You now know I have a crafting obsession.  What else is there? I have been crafting since I was knee high to an ant.  I was an avid coloring pages owner.  I was the strange child who rearranged her crayons into a specific color set.  I moved to things like sewing teddy bears with the plastic needle and the holes already punched out and crossstitch.

As I got a little older, I was given a latch hook rug to complete as a way to keep me busy and out of “grown folks business.”  Can you tell that I was a very *ahem* observant child? What is a latch hook rug, you ask? It was the  epic-ness of my toddler years.  It was a plastic mat with colored squares that you used matching colored yarn to create an image.  Funny enough, there is a resurgence of this craft.  Now there is an electrical tool that is used to create this type of rug as well.


My favorite little craft when I was little was shrinky dinks.  I begged and begged for them.  I would do extra chores for them.  WHAT? You don’t know about shrinky dinks!!! I will need to share a future post to that as they are still one of my favorite crafts to complete.

During middle school, my family lived in Germany.  This was the age of colorful plastic bracelets (before this new generation gave them graphic meanings) and friendship bracelets.  I would study friendship bracelet patterns and make them to sell at school.  While hanging out in downtown Frankfurt, I saw women who were being paid to make friendship bracelet style designs in hair.  Of course, I had to get in on this.  So I studied them and began offering them during lunch at school.

It was during this same time that I started to learn how to sew.  I made my mom a “Gordan Gartrell” style jumpsuit.  One leg was slightly longer than the other in the crotch area and one shoulder snap was too short to snap.  I learned to love my mistakes.  I discovered then that I learned best from my mistakes than I did when I did a craft correctly the first time.

This is my passion.  I want to teach others to love crafting, even through their mistakes.  Mistakes are things that you see as flaws and someone else may see beauty.  Mistakes are just stepping stones to better creations in the future.

Crafting is known to have health benefits such as

  • reduced stress, depression and anxiety
  • helps to build self-esteem
  • decreased risk of cognitive impairment as you age
  • helps with insomnia


One of the best benefits that I have found from crafting is that it has a community that loves like family. I want you to join my community, my Pride!

I hope you stick around!


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Welcome to my crafty corner of Missy Elliott’s Internet! My name is Tanisha and I am known as the Lefty Lioness.  I am a left