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Let's Talk about "Nerdism"

As someone who was actually and truly a nerd growing up, I had a lot of opportunity to sit on the sideline and watch.  One thing that I noticed is that everyone is a nerd!

I know what you are thinking.  This chick has bumped her head.  I haven’t.  Let’s look at the definitions. Nerd is an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

How many people do you know are the most intelligent people in “certain areas”.  For example, have you met someone who hasn’t finished high school but can literally rebuild a car? Or someone who never went to college but can program computers? You want me to believe there isn’t someone in your life who can tell you every minute detail about an anime? How about a person who can give you the historic details of a gaming series they have been playing? You have never met someone who can track a song sample and it’s history like they are the winning contestant on Name that tune? 

All NERDS! They are just nerds in their general hobby or pursuit of choice.

ISM… In English class, you learn that an -ism is a distinctive doctrine, theory, system or practice.  

From this I coined the phrase, NERDISM.  What is it that you are passionate about? These are the things to which we cater.  

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