background info

Yes, I Made It! was created in 2004.  The name is a double entendre.  During that time that I was choosing a business name, I was going through so much stress and strife.  I had lost my job, my apartment, and then my car.   Do you know what it means to truly have to start over? The name was chosen as a reminder to myself that I can make it through anything I was going through.   Secondly, it was chosen because anytime I made a gift for someone, they would ask me “Did you really make this?”  Get it?

Our philosophy

If we can make it, then so can you! This is the philosophy of Yes, I Made It! I wish to help you to find your own crafty passion. If you don't want to craft yourself but enjoy watching, then we want to be here for you too!

About our future

Right now, we are rebuilding what Yes, I Made It! looks like to you. You can expect to see free basic videos via this website and our YouTube channel. I plan to offer more complex paid courses in the future.


The visionary

Yarn Crown

Tanisha the Lefty Lioness

Hey Hey Now! I am your crafty pusher known as the Lefty Lioness. I am a crafter of all trades. I can't think of a craft that I don't love! Now, I want to share that love with you. Hopefully you will find a craft that you will love, cherish and pass on to another!