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YIMI: Yes I Made It, Inc!

A double entendre.. a double meaning.. yet still relevant.

Have you heard the phrase that you have survived 100% of everything that has happened to you? This is the crux of Yes, I Made It!  We created this company after surviving an event that changed our way of thinking regarding the fragility of life.

This company name also answers a question that our owner used to get every time someone saw one of her makes: “Did you really make that?” “Yes, I made it!”  While we love to make make things of every craft.  However, we love to inspire you to make more! You will often hear us tell you that if we can make it, so can you!

Our Team

Our owner is the head crafty inspirationalist here at YIMICRAFTS.  She likes to say that crafts rule everything around her (C.R.E.A.M Get the money!- Wu Tang Clan)! 


Tanisha Robertson

Owner and Crafty Inspirationalist

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products!

As time goes on, technology improves.  This means that materials improve.  All of our items are made with the highest quality material available at the time of the make! We pride ourselves in quality.  We hope that you enjoy every item that leaves our store knowing that we take pride in our work!

The Golden Girls Collection

Thank you for being a friend… and for your patience! The Golden Girls are finally here! Take a look at the collection

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