Tanisha The Lefty Lioness

Tanisha wearing a ombre purple and blue knitted top with purple round glasses.

Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! My name is Tanisha. I am known as the Lefty Lioness and YIMI. Yes, I actually get called YIMI some times.

I have been crafty since I was knee high to an ant. My mother loves to tell me that I definitely did not get that skill from her. I have learned that my grandmother was a master seamstress but she did not teach me. So I feel like I came to crafting naturally.

I took Home Ec in middle school and loved learning to sew and bake. Cooking… not so much. However, I grew up where sewing was not a “practical” career. It wasn’t until later in life that I began pursuing my love of crafting again.

So now you are going to ask me what I mean by “crafting”. I love soap making, crocheting, knitting, resin work, sublimating and sewing. Each has a special place in my heart. I am also the type of crafter that will try almost any craft once but if I like it… Twice!

While majority of my blog will be bagmaking related, please don’t be surprised if you find blog posts regarding my other crafting loves!


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