Welcome to YIMI!

Welcome to YIMI.

About Me!

My name is Tanisha and I am the owner, blogger and creative director.  I am (and have always been) a consummate nerdy and geeky girl (big glasses and all).

Younger Tanisha

I read everything from comics to novels. I have been crafting for as long as I could remember.  I have created jewelry, art work, polymer clay items and such since I was knee high to an ant.

I have also been a Girl Boss for just as long.  You could find me either in my front yard in my Popples tent selling Kool-aid, lemonade and Kool-aid ice cubes along with snacks like M&Ms and gum; or in the school cafeteria braiding yarn into other girls hair for a fee.

Hair with yarn wraps


I taught myself how to crochet four years ago.   I can definitely say that I have seen my skills improve over time.  I want to use this blog document my growth, to review patterns that I have tried and/or love, to review yarn and most of all, to encourage other girls and boys of color to craft.

About YIMI

Yes, I Made It! is not just my company’s name.  Naturally, it means that I made the items that you will find in my online store. However, it also explains my life.  I had a complete change in my life occur two years ago.   I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me.  I lost everything that I felt ‘defined’ me as being successful. Crochet and crafting has been what has helped to soothe my soul.  It made me redefine the word ‘success’. To see that success is based on my own goals and not the ideals of others. It has helped me to see that despite it all: I MADE IT!

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